First, I give you “Cool Flavour Snowman” shaped tortillas. What is “Cool Flavour” you ask? I don’t yet know, though I did buy a bag of them on clearance the other day. What do you think, could it be mint flavor, perhaps? I’m guessing it’s more likely “cool ranch” flavor. I’m also not sure about the “snowman” shape–they just look like oddly misshapen tortilla chips.


Second, I give you “Maple Bacon Flavour Jingle Bell shaped Tortillas.” Again with the shape, they’re simply strangely misshapen tortilla chips. But the flavor. Maple bacon tortilla chips? Mmm… no thanks.

And, last but not least, “Honey Roast Gammon Flavour Popcorn”. That would be “honey roast ham” to you and me. No, I did not buy a bag of these, or of the maple bacon flavor tortilla chips. I’m not that crazy.


Further Evidence of Things I Will Never Understand

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